Citole and medieval plucked cordophones

Citole and medieval plucked cordophones.

Profesor: Peppe Frana.

We will work on plectrum techniques, hypothesis of performance practice, iconography and organology regarding the citole and it’s relation with other medieval plucked cordophones (lute, gittern, cetra etc.) with a special focus on monophonic ars antiqua repertoires.



Una clase de 2 horas cada quince días.

Si el nivel de los alumnos es muy distinto quizá haya algunas clases individuales de una hora y otras grupales para aspectos más generales. El día está por definir, pero estarán excluidos los fines de semana, casi con toda seguridad.

Clases online, en inglés e italiano.



PEPPE FRANA, being a former electric guitar player he was dazzled by interest in modal music thanks to the work of Ross Daly and took up the study of the oud andother cordophones played with a plectrum, making frequent trips to Greece and Turkey.

A meeting with the members of Ensemble Micrologus inspired his interest in European medieval music and in plectrum lute.

2013 he has been studying medieval lute at the Schola Cantorum in Basel Switzerland under the guidance of Crawford Young.

He regularly works with many artists and musical projects in the world of early, eastern and non classical music.

Hehas performed in the most prestigious festivals both inItaly and around the world.

He is the artistic director of Labyrinth Italia.